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Make It Cute
Make It Cute

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"As an Early Childhood Educator and a mom to two young children, I can say that Make It Cute has really created something that is not only valuable from a "keep my kids busy" perspective, but also from an educational perspective. Young children love making connections between their play and real life, and the Make It Cute houses allow them to do that as they create new scenes and act out schemas over and over again."

Jennie Monness, Co-Founder of Union Square Play

"My daughter loves her new playhouse! I can't wait to see what's next!"

People Magazine

"My kids LOVE it! And coincidentally it looks really similar to our new house, so it’s going to make the move so much easier as it’ll feel familiar in a fun way."

The Hollywood Reporter

"…it’s SO wonderful! It’s truly so beautiful compared to anything else we have - thank you so much!"

Harper's Bazaar