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Carol D.
So glad we have this

I bought the playhouse for my granddaughters. They were coming to Michigan to visit us from Hawaii and I wanted something fun and special for them. We have moved to Colorado and brought the playhouse with us in the perfect box that you shipped it to us in! I recommend everyone keep that box just for times like this! Now our son and daughter in law and granddaughters are moving to Colorado and will be living with us for a while until they find a house. We are so glad we have the playhouse to help make their transition fun!

Jerry T.
Just ordered a second playhouse!

We love it! Set up was a breeze. We have 3 kiddos ages 10 to 2. All three love it. Not big enough for all three so we needed another one. We would be interested in a Christmas cottage or gingerbread house for the holidays.

Dramatic play powerhouse

Perfect size, adorable design! My 3.5 year old son loves this playhouse. It’s been a house, restaurant, stuffie daycare, doctors office, drive though lol.. the list is truly infinite 🥰

Ali C
Huge hit!

Got this as a gift for my five year old niece’s birthday. Her and my nephew have basically lived in it since they got it. My brother and sister-in-law both commented how easy it was to put together and how cute it looked in their house. They also said how excited they were to not have more bright colored plastic crowding their space! Well done!!!

Dennis P.
Excellent product

Regrettably, at my age I find I can not use the cottage as a holiday home for myself, finding it rather undersized.
However, I am informed by my daughter in the US that she is delighted with it, and that my 4-year-old granddaughter is having a great time enjoying it. So what more can I say?
Reaction from the intended consumer (insightful as she is despite being 75 years my junior) is extremely positive. Excellent product, take a bow.